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Try harder to get together with a family member. The best way to deal with fitness and weight is in a balanced way, not in an extreme way.


Hostile vibes from someone older are puzzling. Your style is to mind your own business and keep to yourself. Step away.


Someone who is generally so loving does a surprising about-face midway through the conversation. You probably can figure out why.


You want to steer clear of experiencing the same level of mental anguish again. Avoid getting together with a friend from your past.


You can choose between a tried-and-true option and something new. Both do what you want them to do.


You can spend as much time as you want with your family. Leave a situation that doesn't let you grow. Unexpectedly, a wish comes true.


A family member brings in a new business opportunity. People who are single meet someone who seems like the perfect person to marry.


The new you is far less outspoken and has significantly increased tolerance for the actions of others.


A cheerful and carefree appearance is nothing more than a facade for the outside world. Concerns pertaining to one's family continue to be prioritized.


Getting what you deserve through karma is proof that life is fair after all. It's a long and busy day.


When an elder says "go ahead," it feels good. When you get two job offers, you have to decide which one to take.


To find a creative solution to a problem is not the same as solving the problem. Just stick with what everyone knows to be the bare truth.

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