Your Unluckiest Month of 2023

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Aries: October

This year will be filled with highs and lows for you, Aries. In 2023, your personal and professional life will be highly challenging.

Taurus: April

This year you will finally feel back on track in your work life, but not without a few bumps along the way.

Gemini: November

Everything moves at a breakneck speed for you, Gemini. Between your active social life and your frequently shifting inner circle, you may find it difficult to catch your breath.

Cancer: December

This year holds many opportunities for you, Cancer. You're one of the luckiest signs of 2023, so it's difficult to predict any truly unpleasant months for you.

Leo: February

Leo, you have much to look forward to this year. Your relationships have been heating up, and there's a chance that you're looking for a long-term commitment.

Virgo: August

The year 2022 was a tumultuous one for you, Virgo, but this year should be much more tranquil.

Libra: September

This year will test your stress tolerance, Libra. You place a premium on equilibrium, and 2023 promises to turn everything on its head.

Scorpio: May

This is a significant year for you, Scorpio, so be prepared for many unexpected turns.

Sagittarius: July

This year has a great deal of personal development and success for you, Sagittarius. However, you must first confront reality.

Capricorn: January

Capricorn, you have a lot on your plate this year. And if you hoped to gain a good start on completing your to-do list, you may want to reconsider your strategy.

Aquarius: June

Ready for some mixed signals, Aquarius? Around the time of your birthday in 2023, the stars will align in your favour, ensuring a smooth start to the year.

Pisces: March

The year 2023 is one of the most trying yet promising in a long time for Pisces. And March will signal the beginning of something genuinely transformative.

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