You Should Freeze These Type of Foods

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If your rosemary has taken over your pot or your parsley is exceptionally prolific, harvest the leaves before they turn brown and freeze them.


Buy more butter than you can use this month for baking. Bolling recommends freezing butter in its packaging.


The frozen banana smoothie hack is well-known, and the same technique may also be applied to avocados.

Fresh Pasta

While dry pasta can be stored indefinitely, the shelf life of soft and flavorful fresh pasta is limited.

Egg Whites Raw

Do not freeze egg whites that have been cooked. As the egg whites freeze and crystallize, the cell structures break down and moisture is released upon thawing


Place several little paper cups on the tray and fill each with a half cup of buttermilk, then place the tray in the freezer.


In dry storage, freshly milled grains, whole grains, and nuts might go rancid.

Citrus Zest

Due to their high liquid content, whole citrus fruits and citrus slices freeze poorly, but the zests (also known as peels) are ideal for freezing.


Place the minced garlic in a bowl after peeling the cloves, mincing or pressing them with a garlic press.


Add about a half teaspoon of neutral-flavored oil to each clove, then scoop heaping quantities of the mixture onto a baking sheet "Bolling suggests.

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