What cupcake are you based on your zodiac sign?

Aries: S’mores cupcake

When it comes to the ideal campfire treat, the crisp flavour of s'mores is adored by all Aries.

TAURUS: Pumpkin cinnamon chip cupcake

Pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon chips can make a Taurus go wild.

GEMINI: Key lime pie cupcake

A coconut key lime pie cupcake will invigorate Gemini.

CANCER: Chocolate cupcake

Cancer will feel right at home with chocolate cupcakes.

LEO: Lemon blueberry cupcake

When consuming a lemon blueberry cupcake from Bassy Cakes, Leos will feel on top of the world.

VIRGO: Gingerbread cupcake

Gingerbread cupcakes are the best dessert available to Virgos.

LIBRA: Chocolate red wine blackberry cupcake

The romance of a chocolate red wine blackberry cupcake will fascinate Libras.

SCORPIO: Tiramisu cupcake

Scorpios will appreciate Bassy Cakes' tiramisu cupcake.

SAGITTARIUS: Funfetti cupcake

When Sagittarius tastes a funfetti cupcake, their spirit will sing!

CAPRICORN: Caramel delight cupcake

The caramel bliss cupcake will satisfy Capricorns.

AQUARIUS: Tequila sunrise cupcake

A tequila sunrise cupcake will tantalize an Aquarius.

PISCES: Cherry almond cupcake

Pisces is inspired by cherry almond cupcakes.

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