Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds

Not only are Persians one of the most popular cat breeds, but they also share this position on Stacker's list of the biggest cats.

#10. Persian

This slim, short-haired cat is robust and durable. The Oriental possesses a powerful physique with long, tapering lines and wide, pointed ears.

#9. Oriental

Devon Rex, notorious for its big ears and eyes, completes the three-way tie. Their faces are described as having elfin features, a medium-fine frame, and a distinctively undulating coat.

#8. Devon Rex

This fluffy-coated cat with blue eyes has a confusing origin story, but the first Birmans came to the United States in 1959.

#7. Birman

If you heard this cat's noisy meow, you may mistake it for a mouse. However, the "folded back" ears of the Scottish Fold make it appear more like an owl.

#6. Scottish Fold

Born with or without a tail, the Manx is regarded as playful and affable, as well as sturdy and even jowly (thanks to their full cheeks).

#5. Manx

The Burmese are deceptively small for the amount of weight they can carry. Burmese owners are frequently glued to their recliners by their affectionate, cuddly pet.

#4. Burmese

This medium-sized cat, which is not to be confused with the domestic shorthair, comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

#3. American Shorthair

This cat not only has a rich history stretching back to ancient Egypt, but it also has a long lifetime.

#2. Egyptian Mau

Similar to the Egyptian Mau in terms of weight, the Chartreux has a long history dating back to the 16th century. Their lifespan is shorter.

#1. Chartreux

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