The Most Faithful Zodiac Signs In Astrology

The omen that has got your back is cancer. Cancer is a prime example of a water sign that is exceptionally devoted.


One of the most trustworthy and honest signs is Taurus. Taurus people are straightforward because they want security in their relationships; they won't test you or play tricks on you.


Leo demonstrates their loyalty by taking the lead. Friendships and relationships are important to Leos because they see themselves as the pack leader.

Leo(July 23 – August 22)

Loyalty and consistency are essential to Capricorn. A Capricorn is the best choice if you want a friend for life.


The loyalty of a Scorpio can border on obsession. You probably think of the Scorpio sign as being enigmatic and secretive, but if they fall in love with you or become your best friend, they will be loyal to you forever!


Virgo is dependable and unwavering. You can depend on a Virgo to keep their word if they make a commitment to you. Virgos are loyal, even though they might not be as exuberant or spontaneous as other signs of the zodiac.


Aries puts their own needs and objectives first. This means that an Aries will prioritise their own needs and desires over yours, so their loyalty to you may change.


Pisces are not very trustworthy because they value flexibility. Pisces is unquestionably the sign that is most likely to experience ghosts.


While a loyal friend, the sign of Libra is erratic in love. One of the extroverted signs, Libras are known for being incredibly loyal to their close friends.


Aquarius isn't the most dependable sign because they fear losing their independence. Although Aquarius is such a humanitarian, they have relationship issues, so it may not make sense.


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