10 Quiet Dog Breeds

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French Bulldog

Their compressed noses indicate that they thrive best in temperate climes with ample time to relax. Their fun disposition is not reflected in their lack of barking.


They are content to continue resting on the sofa, the larger dogs will not speak up frequently. Good luck rousing them for, well, pretty much any cause!


The basenji is regarded as the "barkless dog" due to its lack of vocalization, but the breed is not fully silent.


Elegant borzois are described as "silent and catlike" by the American Kennel Club, yet they stand out in more ways than one.

Scottish Deerhound

With a shoulder height of over 3 feet, a Scottish Deerhound undoubtedly won't fit in your lap, but the tall dog makes up for its size with a dignified and gentle disposition.

Shiba Inu

Shibas won't be saying "much wow" anytime soon, despite their widespread popularity as a part of the doge meme.

Australian Shepherd

Despite their name, Aussies as a breed originated primarily in the United States, despite being highly active and intelligent. 

Irish setter

These magnificent red-coated setters are hunting dogs, not guard dogs, so if you adopt one for its intended purpose, their vocalizations will be limited to tracking their prey.

Shih Tzu

The mostly-silent Shih Tzu lived with the Chinese aristocracy, but they are more than willing to move into your humble dwelling.


They can be somewhat autonomous (i.e., they require much training), but loud does not define Salukis.

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