10 Low Calorie, Filling Foods

Oats, which are rich in fiber and protein, reduce hunger, boost feelings of fullness, and enhance appetite regulation.

1. Oats

Greek yogurt is high in protein and is associated with reduced hunger, decreased calorie intake, and enhanced feelings of fullness.

2. Greek yogurt

Certain forms of soup may be low in calories and decrease stomach emptying, hence minimizing overall calorie consumption.

3. Soup

Berries are rich in fiber and pectin, which impede stomach emptying and increase sensations of fullness.

4. Berries

Eggs are filled with protein and are a terrific low-calorie breakfast option. A single big egg has about 72 calories.

5. Eggs

Popcorn is rich in fiber, which can slow digestion and regulate blood sugar levels. It lowers appetite and induces satiety more effectively than other snacks.

6. Popcorn

The soluble fiber content of chia seeds helps keep you feeling full throughout the day.

7. Chia seeds

Fish is rich in protein, which can improve satiety and decrease appetite and hunger.

8. Fish

Cottage cheese is strong in protein, which helps suppress hunger and make you feel full longer.

9. Cottage cheese

Potatoes are among the most filling foods in the world. They provide a chemical that may reduce appetite and food consumption.

10. Potatoes

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