Here Are Thursday's Best Horoscopes

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1. Capricorn

Mercury was the first planet to enter your zodiac sign early in the month, followed shortly thereafter by Venus.

Now that the Sun has entered Capricorn, initiating your zodiac season, it is time to gain a deeper understanding of what you are experiencing.

Mercury retrograde in your zodiac sign will prompt an introspective examination of your needs, desires, and beliefs that guide your life decisions.

2. Scorpio

Capricorn, the earth sign, rules your communication sector, therefore during Mercury's retrograde phase, you will experience it more intensely.

This does not imply a negative outcome. Still, it will assist you in resolving problematic issues in your life and in your communication approaches.

Mercury in Capricorn in this sector of your life indicates that communication will be crucial over the next several weeks, but that how you think and talk will also be crucial.

3. Virgo

During this Mercury retrograde phase, the manner in which you convey your innermost truth will be significant, particularly in the context of a serious partnership.

Capricorn energy governs the area of your life that encompasses self-expression, happiness, creativity, devoted partnerships, and even children.

During this retrograde phase, you will have the opportunity to bring increased clarity and confidence to these vital topics.

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