Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Love Horoscope

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Chiron in Aries and the North Node in Taurus this week will help you heal. Chiron has been in Aries, your sign, providing self-improvement and relationship-boosting prospects.


Your sign has the fateful North Node. This is changing your life and relationship choices. You like calm, serene things.


Intimacy and change are Capricorn themes. You often have to understand the genuine importance of intimacy, especially physical.


Your unspoken thoughts and feelings are going to surface. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters retrograde in Capricorn, highlighting your sexual relationship.


The moon symbolizes your emotions. It swims through amorous Pisces this week, increasing your craving for connection and depth.


Capricorn energy governs love, marriage, and children. Mercury becomes retrograde this week, offering a chance to learn and think differently.


Jupiter recently entered Aries, representing your romantic life. Chiron's directness encourages you to choose to heal over wounding.


Taurus polarises you. Your romantic life's complement. The North Node is in Taurus, indicating a fateful event.


Aries energy controls marriage, commitment, and children. Jupiter is here all day, expanding this area of your life and possibly deepening your partnership.


This week, Chiron in Aries ignites your family and the North Node in Taurus illuminates your long-term commitment sector.


Venus in Capricorn ignites your subconscious, bringing specific feelings or needs to light while dancing with Neptune in Pisces to assist you grasp what you value.


Aries is active now, indicating growth in what and who you cherish. This will increase material resources and relationship satisfaction.

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