Common Illnesses in Dogs

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Canine influenza

While humans have dealt with influenza for centuries, the disease is relatively new to dogs, meaning their immune systems do not know how to respond.

External parasites

Frequently, especially during warmer months, dogs acquire ticks, fleas, mange, and Cheyletiella mites, resulting in what appears to be dandruff on the trunk. 

Kennel cough

This prevalent canine illness is frequently observed in kenneled or doggie daycare animals, as well as with other dogs that spread the respiratory disease.


Both Type 1 and  2 diabetes are possible in dogs, although Type 1 is more prevalent. The condition is caused by either a lack of insulin synthesis or a deficient insulin response.


This extremely contagious virus is caused by the type 2 canine parvovirus and targets the digestive tract.


Rabies is always lethal once the rabies virus, which causes the disease, manifests in animals. The virus is transmitted by saliva and through the bite of an infected animal.

Periodontal disease

In dogs, periodontal disease, often known as gum disease, is significantly more prevalent than in people.

Ear infections

Exposure to dirt and dust can cause ear infections in dogs who spend a considerable amount of time outside.


 Heatstroke can be prevented by keeping dogs in cool surroundings, giving them lots of drink, and never leaving them in a vehicle.


Obesity is not only prevalent in humans, but also in dogs, particularly in the United States.

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