Biggest Cat Breeds

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#10. Exotic Shorthair

In the 1950s, cat lovers desired a Persian cat without a high-maintenance coat. Breeders mixed Persians with American Shorthairs, Burmese, and others to create this calm cat. 

#9. Turkish Van

This cat's slim body helps it swim, which is one of its favourite things to do. It also likes to jump and run because its back legs are so long.

#8. European Burmese

People say that this cat is friendly, smart, and loyal and that it will interact with both family and guests.

#7. Ocicat

People say that the Ocicat is like a dog because it is affectionate without being needy or clingy. The cat doesn't like being yelled at and is usually happy to walk on a leash.

#5. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffins look like small cats because their tails are long and their eyes are big. As its weight range shows, it can get quite big, but females are usually much smaller than males.

#5. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is good at catching mice and has a thick coat to protect it from the weather in its home state of Maine. 

#4. American Bobtail

Years of breeding gave this cat a bobbed, nubby tail. American Bobtails are affectionate, friendly, and playful, making them wonderful therapy cats.

#3. Siberian

As the name of the breed suggests, Siberian cats came from Russia a long time ago. These cats are very good at catching mice.

#2. Norwegian Forest Cat

This big pet came from Norway more than a thousand years ago, maybe even before the Norse explorers.

#1. Ragdoll

This cat is big, soft, and cuddly, and it has big blue eyes that are usually focused on its owner. This cat is calm and balanced.

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