9 Health Benefits of Watermelon

It is thought that the watermelon was first domesticated approximately 4,000 years ago in Northeast Africa.

1. Helps you stay hydrated

The high water content of watermelon may help you stay hydrated, which is beneficial to your overall health and feel full.

2. Packed with nutrients

There are various minerals in watermelon, including significant amounts of vitamins A and C. In addition, it contains antioxidants such as lycopene and cucurbitacin E.

3. May have anticancer effects

There are plant chemicals in watermelon that may be effective against certain forms of cancer. However, further investigations are needed.

4. Improve heart health

Watermelon's lycopene and citrulline may promote heart health by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. May reduce inflammation

Watermelon has chemicals that may lower inflammation, which has been linked to a variety of diseases.

6. Prevent macular degeneration

Lycopene's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities may help prevent AMD. Still, additional research is required.

7. May relieve muscle soreness

Watermelon's citrulline content may enhance exercise performance and reduce muscle soreness.

8. May aid skin health

Several nutrients in watermelon help hair and skin health, although further study is required.

9. May improve digestion

Watermelon's fiber and water levels may promote digestive health by promoting regular bowel motions.

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